Why should I hire a birth photographer?

Giving birth is a huge milestone in your life that you will never forget. But in the moment and craziness of labor, things can become a blur. Hiring a birth photographer allows you to see the little moments and look back on so many emotions and memories. You'll see the support your birth team gave, how hard you worked to bring your baby home, see them come into the world and take their first breath, and the look on your faces when you met them for the very first time.

By having me as your photographer, I strive to tell the story of your birth in a beautiful and real way, capturing all the details and emotion. Being able to go back and remember how this amazing time unfolded, is something you'll cherish forever.

what if I don't want to see my "lady bits"?

Don't worry. If you want to stay modest and covered, I will position myself while you're pushing to capture the birth of your baby without showing any nudity. But, if you are fascinated by all of it and you would love to see how your body births, I will capture it.

I DO NOT post any nudity (both mother and baby) on social media. You will receive a private online gallery when your images are sent to you.

How long will you be at my birth?

I provide FULL labor & delivery coverage. Once your labor begins and it's the real deal, I will come and start documenting your birth story as it unfolds. You will never have to worry about me being there for too long. I love being there for you and I love capturing the labor and birth of your baby, day or night!

When should I have you come to my birth?

During your pregnancy, I love to hear updates about you and your baby. It helps me know how you're progressing and how close you might be to meeting your little one. I love to build a relationship with my clients and stay in communication throughout this amazing journey. Once you feel different, and think labor might be close, I would love to know as soon as possible so I can prepare to leave. Once you know labor has started, I will be on my way. I like to be there as soon as possible so I can have plenty of time to capture the whole thing.

Will you use flash?

Yes, I will use flash if needed. But, the flash will be bounced off the ceilings and/or walls and not in your face, so you won't be bothered. If you need absolutely no light during your labor, it may be hard for me to get the images you want.

what if you miss the birth?

Births can be so unpredictable, and baby decides when he/she is ready. If you have such a speedy labor that I miss the birth, I will still come and take images of everything that happens thereafter. If I miss your birth because of an illness or emergency, I will have a backup photographer on hand.

What if I need a c-section?

Every birth is so amazing, and I would love to capture the birth of your child in the OR. Unfortunately, not all doctors & anesthesiologists allow photographers in the OR. If you schedule a C-section, or you have time during your labor to talk to your care provider, it is very important that you tell them that you would like me there. If it's an emergency, I will not be able to come with you.

will you interact with me during labor?

That all depends on how you feel. When I'm at a birth, I can usually sense when I should leave the room or stand off quietly. Most of the time I wont bother you. But if you need support or someone to talk to, of course I'll be involved.

Why is it so expensive? and what does being on-call mean?

Investing in my birth stories include being on-call, full labor and delivery coverage, and post-processing of your images. A lot of time goes into being a birth photographer, and sometimes that means long hours away from my family. Being on-call means that at 38 weeks, I do not travel more than 50 miles away from you, I bring my camera with me everywhere, and I drop what I'm doing and leave to go to your birth.

How many images do I get?

Depending on the length of your birth, you can get anywhere from 150-200 images.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes. I do require a $200 deposit when signing, and the remainder is due at 38 weeks.