Everett's Birth Story | Arizona Birth Photographer

Heather was the winner of a birth story giveaway I was doing for the launch of my new site, and I couldn't have been more excited to capture the birth of her little one. Her little family of three was about to become a family of four. When her last baby was early and fast, she was expecting this labor to be the same way, but this little boy had other plans.

Her peaceful, and slow birth was magical. It happened on a Sunday, and the moon was full the night before. Mama was walking baby down the halls of the hospital, and talking with big sister, Sloane. The comfort and connection that this family had, was beautiful. Dad was an amazing support to mama, and little Sloane played and waited for her baby brother to enter the world. She was a ray of light the whole day. When things picked up for mama, big sister and grandma left to give her some space. After that, everything happened quick. Even the doctor rushed to the hospital and got dressed, just in time to catch that beautiful boy. 

Once he was born, joy filled the room. His cry was so loud, mama couldn't hear anyone. But thats ok. It was just the two of them in that moment. This mama was a warrior, and so was her baby boy, Everett. It truly was an honor to capture this special day for this beautiful family. 

Enjoy xx