Charlotte's Birth Story | Phoenix Home Birth

Amy was my first client to book me for her birth over two years ago, and ever since then we've been great friends. So when she was expecting her third baby and wanted me there again, I was so honored and excited.

In the early hours of the morning, I got the text saying that water has broken and that I could probably head over soon. I double check and make sure everything was ready to go and waited for mama or dad to let me know it was time.
After awhile, I get notified that things have slown down dramatically.

Mama spent the whole day laying in her hammock, and talking to her baby girl for her to come soon. Labor is so unpredictable, and sometimes those third babies have different plans. 

Later that evening, I finally get word that active labor has started.

When I get there, sisters and midwives are talking in the living room while mama works through her surges. Her birth space was dark, comforting, and exactly what she needed. A dark birth space is so important for a laboring mother, especially when labor needs to continue to pick up. Melatonin, the same hormone that helps you sleep, works alongside oxytocin during labor to help relax the mother and to help her progress. Thats why many women go into labor in the early hours of the morning! So when the lights are dimmed, the curtains are closed, and the sun is down, the mama can produce that beautiful hormone to relax and focus on her labor. 

I stepped out for a bit to give her some privacy with her man and to help her body continue with her beautiful contractions. After some time, she was ready to get into the tub. Once she got in, everything picked up even more. It was getting close. 

I am always so amazed at how strong women are during this time of labor. Transition. The hardest part in the labor process. Amy stayed so positive and was so incredibly strong and in control. She was doing what she was made to do in that moment. Bringing her baby earthside.

Less than an hour from getting in the birth pool, she asked for her eldest daughter to come in because baby was coming. So confidently and so calmly she said:

"She's right here"

Her daughter and mother (who is also my wonderful midwife!) came in just in time to witness the strength and grace of Amy catching her baby girl. 


Born in the early hours of January 14th. Her big sister shouted with excitement, "Oh baby!!", as she let out her first cry. 

Amy amazed me that night, and I'm so happy I get to witness and document such beautiful and empowering births, as my job.